Today's Best Arguments

Aggregating commentary on the rising threat of illiberal doctrine.

Cynics versus believers, 'disclosure' as a charity killer, and how to avoid becoming a reactionary.
The connection between higher education and politics, the ACLU (yes, *that* ACLU) defends religious freedom, and a defense of academic impartiality.
Stretching "academic freedom" beyond recognition; the Supreme Court and limits on the federal government; and wrong, or just a different point of view?
Censorship versus engagement, what we can learn from David Hume, and why viewpoint diversity in the classroom is worth the effort.
Government as the arbiter of truth: a bad idea, meritocracy's demerits, and an inside look at Hollywood's illiberalism.
The importance of community and neighborhoods in a liberal society, the intellectual heroes of the new radical right, and what the new right gets wrong.
Substituting wokeism for scholarship, the origins of Critical Race Theory, and the pandemic is bringing out the worst in us.
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