Today's Best Arguments

Aggregating commentary on the rising threat of illiberal doctrine.

Do Paypal and Etsy believe in science, inflation claims another victim, and Woke Capitalism by any other name...
Progressives' trope generator, fighting fire with... nothing, and a look at pronouns in the rearview mirror.
What the gender identity obsession is inflicting on children, how high tech impacts identity, and progressive eating their own.
Questioning the effect of celebrity progressivism, the history of campus free speech, and the myth of "Left" and "Right."
The argument for fighting fire with fire, how to make pluralism work, and an alternative to the 1619 Project.
When "diversity" means conformity, successor ideologies, and what Chick-Fil-A can teach us about discourse.
The Speech Police - literally; are the kids alright? at least some of them seem to be; and how is mental illness related to an identity-obsessed…
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