Today's Best Arguments

Aggregating commentary on the rising threat of illiberal doctrine.

Teaching students to speak up, the impact of Covid restrictions on religious institutions, and climate change and conservatism.
Wokeness through the years, another blow to women's sports, and a prestigious art museum bows to the mob.
What populism gets right and what it doesn't, zoning and "racial equity," and when preferences backfire.
Fixing higher education, parents are the latest target in the culture wars, and a positive sign for free speech at one university.
Free speech is America's bedrock, don't give up on universities yet, and San Francisco undermines parents' rights.
Can't we all just get along, on campus, anyway; some cultures get more "sensitivity" than others; and what is upstream from totalitarianism?
The community-ideology chicken-and-egg question, one college's growing DEI bureaucracy (surprise!) doesn't seem to be improving the school, and a punter…
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